“… ‘Space’ is not looked at through a keyhole, but surrounds the viewer”.

 El Lissitzky .

Digital dialogue is becoming dominant, bringing the far reaches of the globe to our doorstep in a click of a button. Via mass media and technological advances, introspection increases. Cyber personas and filmic walks are replacing ‘real’ interaction, as we bombard our ears with personalised sound tracks from our devices. 

Sculptural installation is my root., using childlike recreation to explore the world we live in. Playful space has become an integral part of my work; using form as a communicative tool and a process based approach to idea development. Through the creation of human-scaled installations that entice responsive actions, I create platforms where the viewer can explore the surroundings in which we function from day to day. Highlighting the importance of physical communication in an ever-expanding, but introverted world.

In recent years, I have sought work that allows me to utilise my skills to aid others in benefiting from art. The Facilitator has been my role; enabling others to realise their creative goals.

Forming relationships with others in collaborative projects has become a key part of my practice; initiating a dialogue that seeks to address how art functions in conjunction with society.